It turns out that blogging in China is a little difficult. Internet access is restricted to the sites that the authorities think are acceptable. Apparently blogs are potentially dangerous so I can’t log in or access my blog in any way. At this moment I am using someone else’s computer that has VPN which transfers the connection to the USA, bypassing Big Brother.

So, I am writing my blog in Word and will upload it all in due course. I didn’t know about this problem and you can’t buy VPN in China so I’m stuffed. Anyway, suffice to say that I am having a completely brilliant time, hiking in amazing mountains (Danxia Mountain near Shaoguan), sailing down the Li River at Guilin, cycling round the astonishing Karst landscape at Yangshuo, taking a bamboo raft down the Yulong river (more intrepid than it sounds – you have to sit on a lightly lashed deckchair on a raft made of 10 bamboos strung together, while the raft gets pushed down a slipway, to get from one section of river to the next). Tomorrow I have a long drive to the rice terraces at Long Ji.

Apologies for not anticipating this little hiccup. I do get emails so you can reach me that way if you want.