About Mary Monro

Mary lives in Edinburgh with her husband, Julian Caldecott. She practises as an osteopath treating people three days a week and horses and dogs one day a week (see website and Facebook page). She is a Trustee of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO). She was formerly a marketing consultant, in the days before the internet was invented.

Stranger In My Heart” is Mary Monro’s first book. She has had various articles published in the osteopathic press, most recently in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (March 2017) – a discussion on the role of research in investigating the phenomenon of osteopathy. She had an article titled Hearts & Minds: The Mystery of Consciousness published on a philosophy blog in November 2017.

She is an experienced speaker and presenter, from her history of delivering consultancy findings and from teaching on post-graduate osteopathic courses. She has spoken to various groups about Stranger In My Heart, including local Women’s Institutes, Bristol Lit Festival, Shrewsbury Lit Festival, the University of Bath and the Researching FEPOW History Group Conference.

Mary was born and raised at a farm on the edge of the Shropshire Hills, the youngest of four children. She attended Shrewsbury High School from age four to eighteen but spent much of her childhood on horseback. Her childhood association with horses left her with permanent damage to her right eye, a broken nose, broken knee-cap and broken coccyx. She has been bitten, kicked, rolled on, dragged, and has fallen off too many times to recall, but she still loves horses.

Mary Monro riding Brahmagiri

Mary on Brahmagiri

3 thoughts on “About Mary Monro

  1. I have searched online and don’t see a book titled “Meeting in the Middle Kingdom”. Am I to assume that it is yet to be published?
    From what I have read of your writings this afternoon – in Perth, Western Australia – I am itching to have a copy so that I can spend whatever hours it takes to read it in one sitting.
    You style of writing makes interesting and enjoyable readable.

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