Happy Birthday!

Stranger In My Heart is 4 years old today and not looking too shabby! Happy birthday too to Dad, who would be 108 today. Get your hands on a copy of the paperback for a special birthday price of £9.99 including UK postage and packing. Offer ends soon! Click on the button on the right of this page to order.

Since the last anniversary my mother has passed away, the last of that generation in my wider family. What I notice is the shift in my status from a younger person with living parents to a member of the older generation. I suppose I could have detected that from the wrinkles and grey hairs but it needed my mother’s death to confirm it! I carry forward her common sense, community spirit, hospitality and some skills in the kitchen, garden and with a sewing machine.

I wonder how we will all feel when Her Majesty the Queen passes on? She has been a constant in all our lives and I don’t think we quite realise how much of a loss it will be when she goes. She’s such a symbol of steadfast continuity as well as being a beacon of integrity, diligence, fortitude and grace. In a tumultuous period of change and chaos we rest on those few things that are constant in our lives and they give us strength. It was also wonderful to experience the sense of unity generated by the platinum jubilee, after the last few years of almost tribal division in the UK. We can carry forward these values in our hearts as we face the challenges to come.

I hope Stranger In My Heart has resonance for people today, giving readers an insight into how the wartime generation coped with threat and uncertainty. I feel that unity was a big part of that, along with resilience, resourcefulness and a strong sense of purpose. More values that we can benefit from today, when it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the future.

This post has ended up being more about death than birth, but that’s the cycle of life!