Cover Finalised!

Stranger In My Heart cover

It’s been a busy week. The cover of Stranger In My Heart is now finalised. I am moving forward with book marketing plans. I met up with my press photographer friend and we are planning a campaign in print media for the Bath/Wiltshire area, Shropshire and Hong Kong. He’s going to do a portrait shot of me at The Circus in Bath and will also be at the launch party in June, taking shots for the society pages in local magazines. We are preparing copy for press releases and I have been in touch with local independent bookshops inviting them to stock the book (and I’ve had very friendly responses from them!). The marvellous Anne Cater has organised a blog tour for me. The tour runs from 7 May – 17 May, which will generate reviews and create interest. I just totted up the total number of followers that my book bloggers have on Twitter and it’s over 40,000!

Next week I hope to find out when the book will actually be available. Thankyou for your patience.