Green Eggs & Ham

Late in the afternoon I felt as though I had been hit on the back of the head with a brick. I also felt a bit feverish. I hoped that dinner would settle me but the special menu had the opposite effect. What is a yellow croaker? Does anyone order the stewed old duck with gastrodia elata? There’s always the boiled gluten and meat soup. I had previously thought that Dr Seuss’s green eggs and ham was an invention but I am starting to think I’ll see it on a menu here soon. I plumped for fried rice and continued to feel very odd. Eventually, in the middle of the night, on my own and in a very foreign land, I decided I might be developing ebola. Drama queen? Moi? More plausible explanations include trying to accommodate an 8 hr time difference in one day, sudden change of altitude, sudden change of diet, some sort of cleansing effect from the reflexology or sunstroke – the sun is tropical here, but doesn’t feel like it because of the altitude. Suffice to say I feel better this morning, so hold the medevac.