Anna Chennault

When my Dad was Assistant Military Attache in Chongqing 1942-43, he worked closely with US General Claire Chennault. Chennault had founded the Flying Tigers and was a strategic thinker as well as an aviator. He crossed swords with US General Joe Stilwell over the strategy against Japan, arguing for an air war rather than the land war that Stilwell wanted, a story that I tell in my book. In 1944 Chennault met and fell in love with a Chinese journalist, Chen Xiangmei, 30 years his junior. General Chennault died in 1958, but his wife, usually known by her English name of Anna Chennault, has only just died. Her obituary tells of her work with 8 US presidents.

Claire & Anna Chennault

This photo of the Chennaults was taken in 1948.