Well what a show that was! (It’s called Era, check it out). The troupe of acrobats showed what the human body is capable of if you know how to work it right. It was as beautiful as it was extraordinary. For kick off we had a man balancing on 4 trays, separated by glasses positioned at each corner, on top of a rolling cylinder. Then he kicked a rice bowl onto his head, then another, then 2 more, 3 more, etc, till he had the whole dinner service on his head. The finale involved motorbikes whizzing around inside a metal mesh ball, about 6m in diameter, ridden by men in samurai style outfits. Up and down, round and round at speed – 8 of them!

Alright, big cities, all is forgiven. You don’t get shows like that any old where. In fact it has to be here in Shanghai at a dedicated theatre. Plus, this city may look gloomy by day, but it looks gorgeous by night. I’ll be back. Right now I need to pack though.