Interactive Map of the Battle of Hong Kong

Prof Kwong Chi Man of Hong Kong Baptist University and his fellow researchers have now launched their interactive map of the Battle of Hong Kong. This will be a wonderful resource for anyone searching for information about any aspect of the battle, from the positions of pillboxes to details about key characters in the battle. The map allows you to run the timeline of the battle, with the key events described (in English and Chinese) and shown on the map. You can zoom in and out as you please. Here is a screenshot to illustrate:

interactive map of the Battle of Hong Kong from HKBU

If you click on ‘Faces of War’ at the bottom left, it gives you a snapshot biography of key characters in the battle, showing where they were based or lost their lives. Below is the start of the entry for Dad, as an example.

entry for John Monro on HKBU interactive map of the battle of Hong Kong

This project has taken ten years to come to fruition and it is a very impressive achievement.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Map of the Battle of Hong Kong

  1. Mary, I’ve tried clicking on
    ‘Faces of War’, but nothing
    happened. I’m interested in
    my father, Captn Martin P Weedon, who won the MC
    for his counterattack
    (& wound) from a pillbox in
    Stanley; & my stepfather,
    Anthony Hewitt, who was Adjutant of 1 Mx( & won the
    MC for his later escape from Shamshuipo)

    Will you be at the Sun Oct 3
    ceremony atNational Mem Arboretum for the opening of
    the Lisbon Maru memorial?
    I realise that your father had escaped by then, but mine
    survived, unlike 800+ others.

    Hope you’re well?
    Mark W
    07887 480014

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Sorry Mark, you need to click the link in the first para of my post. This opens the website with the interactive map. Once there, you click on Faces of War to find more details. Sorry for the confusion! I won’t be at the National Arboretum as I am teaching osteopathy that weekend. I am trying to promote the 80th anniversary of the battle of HK as best I can – managed to mention it on Saturday Live – and I’ll be writing a blog post for the Researching FEPOW History Group.
      Best wishes

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