I’ve arrived!

Had a good flight with a tail wind and so got to HK early. The airport is vast but somehow manages to have a peaceful atmosphere and is incredibly efficient. Everyone I’ve encountered has been gentle and welcoming. I’d arranged a shuttlebus with the hotel and this turned out to be an introductory tour of HK. The sun was setting as we crossed Lantau Island, the sea pearly blue with a blush pink sky, the hills snuggled up in their fleecy vegetation. Then past the container port – a patchwork of containers and cranes, before coming into the centre of Kowloon, with its concrete forest of skyscraper trees with neon leaves. Through the tunnel to HK Island, along the waterfront and then up the Peak a little way to get a better view. The hotel alarmed me by taking my case off me at the door in exchange for a scrap of paper with a number on it. It took ages to deliver to my room and I rang receptioin in a flap. Two minutes and two apologetic phone calls later my case appeared. Everyone falls over themselves to give you good service. Everything works – the computer is up and running, I skyped Julian and the plugs are the same as at home, so my plethora of gadgets are busily charging. I couldn’t have had a softer landing. Tomorrow I’ve arranged a battle site tour as an opener to my Dad’s story. Loving it so far!

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